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AvaTrade is a pioneer in online trading. We are one of the most respected brokers in the industry, with 7 regulations covering 6 continents. We have many assets and top platforms. We offer generous trade conditions.
Integrity is more that a mere word. We believe in a customer-first approach for business. We are guided by the principles of honesty, quality, transparency, and accountability in all that we do. AvaTrade believes that people can trade and invest in confidence in an innovative, reliable environment. It is supported with uncompromising integrity, best-in-class customer service.

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  • Sormandan

    Avatrade won't allow me to withdraw funds. David Abolnick (my manager at Avatrade) said that verification was successful earlier.

  • Huzil

    Avatrade is a great place to trade. It was initially confusing to see the different terminals. The many options were confusing at first. But I quickly became more familiar with the options. Spreads, leverage and swaps all need to be considered. It is best to use the same broker for floating.

  • Jahar

    Avatrade has helped me trade well, even though I'm still learning. My initial deposit has grown by 40% in just two months.

  • Ronj

    If someone still wants to lose their money, the best advice is to not put any money in their account. You will be able to stop them trying to convince your bank that replenishment is necessary. If someone is having difficulty paying their bills, it is important to protect your cash and not to buy any replenishment offers.

  • QRon

    AvaTrade brokers cannot have your contact information. A demo should not be closed. They will contact you each month for years, trying to convince you or answer all your questions.

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