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FXTM was founded because trading was too exciting only for a few. As traders ourselves, we saw the potential for the internet to offer opportunities to anyone who was willing and able to learn. We established three guidelines to help others find their opportunities. Trust. Anyone who trades with us can do so with total confidence if there are the appropriate licensing and regulations in place. We pledged to keep customer funds separate, so no one would lose any of their money in the event that things go wrong. We promised to be transparent, open, and honest. Transparency and honesty were our promises. There would be no hidden fees or secrets in trading statistics. Access. Access should be easy. If Warren Buffet can trade it, it should be possible for it to be traded. Because you can’t profit from what it’s not, we offer access to world-class education that money cannot buy. Value. Value. Our agreement was to keep trading costs low and to work with our customers to make them profitable traders. After all, if you do well, we do well. Every action we take is still measured against the “three mores”. Trust, accessibility and value. FXTM gives you more.

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Last reviews for "ForexTime"
  • Inessa

    I tried to make the deposit. The money was not transferred. Paypal will not reimburse me. They say they can make it work but they don’t. Anybody interested can see a screenshot of their scam to see how they operate.

  • Osluk

    They told me that I couldn't withdraw funds. However, they did inform me that I must send all required documents to withdraw the funds. Tech support said that my data was "transmitted to the appropriate departments." We will confirm as soon a possible. ForexTime (FXTM), scammers

  • Uporosh

    Brokers do not harm traders. The broker is not responsible for trader's losses. Spreads are determined at the broker's discretion. Credit withdrawals at 1 to 33 seem quick.

  • Yorchi

    This broker is an excellent source of confidence. Excellent trading conditions are provided by the broker. Although I'm not covered, I have never had any problems withdrawing funds. This company cares about technology. This can be seen in their exceptional work and services.

  • Timur

    I changed brokers for a time. I switched between brokers for a while. My terminal isn't hanging. FXTM has a great working relationship. When it is time to withdraw, I get my money fast.

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