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FP Markets

Our goal was to create a Forex trading platform that would allow traders to access all products on global markets. Traders choose FP Markets to trade CFDs in Forex and Shares from one account. We are unique because we have a deep understanding of traders. When they offer the right price, execution speed, and cutting-edge platforms, our clients can trade confidently. We know that customers require customer support and market analysis. We are committed to the interests of our clients as a global forex broker. We are known for our firm commitment to excellence, which is why we are one of the most trusted forex brokers in the world.

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Last reviews for "FP Markets"
  • Miskahu

    FPMarkets is a European broker who has been in the business for over 15 years. A friend of a trader recommended the company to me. I withdrew $300.

  • Otzozy

    I lost my money due to their advice. He said that it was up to me, but it was your decision. You have the final word. He forced me. They are not trustworthy. I would not recommend FPMarkets.

  • Cocidjan

    Your account cannot be withdrawn! It's been over a month since I waited for a transfer, when it should have occurred much sooner. I feel cheated. Trading itself went well. After the withdrawal, however, things went wrong. I was cheated of my deposit.

  • Zalisun

    FP Markets can also be called an average broker. ASIC (Australian regulator), which is a license, has some advantages. A minimum deposit of 100 Australian dollars is required to start a business.

  • Gergy

    FP Markets was the right choice for me because of a number of factors. Although it may seem strange, I don't just look at the terms and conditions of companies when choosing them. I am concerned about the site's structure and appearance. Many tools are available to you. A license is also available. It is very attractive at first glance. It will be only a matter time before you see if it is really that appealing.

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