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OctaFX is your reliable partner in the Forex market. Our expertise will help forex traders make the right trading decisions. It’s possible to experience it for yourself. Our exceptional services will help you gain access to the Forex market. We guarantee clear and accurate management of your funds, transparency in trading conditions, as well as an easy-to use service to deal with any other issues that might hinder you from making a profit. We offer the knowledge and tools to make sure you trade safely and efficiently. Every year, we strive to improve our standards to ensure that you have the best possible trading experience with OctaFX. We are the #1 Forex broker.

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Last reviews for "OctaFX"
  • Mike

    I do not like to recommend brokers. This is my personal experience with the broker. I have reviewed the legal documents, and OctaFX is compliant with them. The company is legally registered. The law regulates the company. Contract terminations have been smooth. Trading is easy and intuitive. I have some questions for the support department. Sometimes technical support takes a while to respond. It is possible for the load to be heavy. However, the broker should have noticed this and resolved it.

  • Ederick Fernandez

    You can rest assured that your account will be blocked, as in my case. Customer service might tell you fairy tales. They may ignore your request. It was both. To be clear, making money won't get you out of jail. It's possible to get nothing, but it's not likely. You are smarter than everyone else.

  • unSton

    Personallly, OctaFX disappointed me. I had expected so much more. The company isn't insolvent with its payments. However, the assets and investment options here are not very extensive. It isn't very extensive in terms of offers and assets. This broker is still my broker. I haven’t found an alternative, but I’m looking. I'm looking for a company that has the best balance of passive and active earning opportunities.

  • Marazmatb

    OctaFX may have limited investment options and asset selection. This is something I am aware. This platform is my main focus. It is very easy to trade here. Spreads are generous, there is no slippage in opening/closing Trades. This company is a great place to start your career.

  • Vityoch

    Since two weeks, I haven't been able trade properly. I don't understand why but sometimes it hangs up and other times they won't let us in. I tried calling them ten times but they wouldn't answer the telephone. They claim that they have communication issues and won't be capable of fixing them in the next two weeks. I am changing brokers.

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