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Pepperstone provides a wide range of market options that can be traded using high-quality research and support via a variety of social trading platforms. It is compatible with MetaTrader and CTrader. To the wide range of platforms, many third-party plugins are available. The amount of EPS commissions paid by the company is not disclosed on its website.

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Last reviews for "Pepperstone"
  • boob cicc

    Pepperstone placed me in the exact same position. My profit was approximately $480. I applied for withdrawal of all my earnings, but was denied $250. The $230 remaining was not claimed. I repeatedly called support to ask why they had adjusted my profit. What happened? I don't understand why this happened. I haven't received my money back, and likely will not. These people's mindset is beyond me. They don't want to trade. This is the first time I have ever seen it.

  • Forttins

    Pepperstone doesn't withdraw money. I submitted a request to withdraw $75. This is the remaining balance of the deposit. It was simple, the request was automatically confirmed, and then silence. They have been playing with me for three weeks, even though I know the money isn't that big. They are crooks.

  • saacs

    Pepperstone deposited $2,500 in my account. I was able to successfully trade USD/CAD/USD/CHF currency pairs. When I attempted to withdraw funds, the website presented a problem. I contacted the support department of the financial institution, and they assured that they knew about the problem. They will resolve it quickly. The money was not being held. Three orders were lost while I was trading. They couldn't process them. They were forced to close the doors at a lower price five hours later, just before the markets crashed. This is clear evidence to me that they were cheating.

  • GaRaHa6e856fvdfs

    Pepperstone Broker is having difficulty cancelling trades. It was only me. They had already cancelled trades five times. Many people find themselves in this exact position, according to the reviews. Pepperstone does not care if it makes a profit.

  • ou98

    Each broker has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Pepperstone does not offer analytics so you will need to find other resources. The trading conditions are excellent: the spread on major pairs in calm markets may be slightly higher at 1 pm. However, before the news is out, the price rises. This is a normal situation for all companies. However, the demo account cannot be used for longer than one month. You can still learn the nuances of trading with Pepperstone during this period. The market is always changing so the strategy must be constantly improved. It needs to be tested on a real account.

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